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Bowflag® Basic

Bowflag® Basic: versatile, secure, mobile

  • Depending on the ground fitting, the Bowflag® can be used with wind speeds reaching:
    one-sided: up to 60 km per hour (wind force 6)
    double-sided: up to 28 km per hour (wind force 4)
  • Firm stand: a wide range of bases available

  • Great shape: available in numerous different sizes and shapes

Bowflag® Basic: moves with you wherever your go
Bowflag® Basic goes with you on the road. Easy to set up, easy to transport and easy to store, it is suitable for numerous applications. Bowflag® Basic is the modern, dynamic advertising medium for any occasion.


Rely on Bowflag® Basic.
Rely on a maximum of advertising space and full sails for your success. Sachsen Fahnen Bowflag® has no irritating header tape – the entire flag space is available exclusively for your image. 

Shape Ad space W x H in cm
concave, convexe, angled, straight bottom edge 85 x 450 80 x 340 60 x 260 55 x 200* 50 x 150* 40 x 95*
drop shape 120 x 360 110 x 265 95 x 205 75 x 170* 55 x 130 40 x 80
* Double-sided finish possible