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Bowflag® Select

Storm-proof your advertising with Bowflag® Select

  • Depending on the ground fitting, the Bowflag® can be used with wind speeds reaching up to 75 km per hour (wind force 8)
  • Different sizes and shapes
  • Available as one-sided and double-sided versions
  • Bowflag® Select Razor has an outstanding shape
  • Bowflag® Select Tube for crease-free presentations

Bowflag® Select: the tough customer
Bowflag® Select is your steadfast choice even in stormy weather. The tough sail withstands even strong winds, whether as one-sided or double-sided version. Its unique stability is tested regularly in the wind tunnel and proven to resist even wind strengths of up to 75 km/h. The pole segments of the brand-new Bowflag® Select Tube ensure an almost crease-free presentation of your message.


Get a storm of approval for your message – with Bowflag® Select

Shape Elements Finish Ad space W x H in cm

Tube Aluminium tubes,
PVC connectors

50 x 450

80 x 450

50 x 350

80 x 350

50 x 250

80 x 250
Razor Fibreglass segments,
Aluminium connectors
120 x 405 110 x 285 95 x 205
concave, convexe, angled, straight bottom edge Fibreglass segments single-sided
85 x 450 80 x 340 60 x 260
drop shape Fibreglass segments single-sided
120 x 360 110 x 265 95 x 205