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Printing processDescription
Chemical screen dye printing

Chemical screen dye printing (CSD technology)

  • Screen printing on textiles
  • Resolution: up to 22 dots/cm 
  • Brilliant, light-fast colours
  • Print formats: up to 220 x 630 cm 
Printing process 	Description Chemical screen dye printing

Digital chemical dye printing (DCD technology)

  • Direct printing on textiles
  • Resolution: 600 dpi - 1200 dpi
  • For single units of small batche
  • Short production & delivery times
  • Print formats: up to 330 cm width
Digital pigment printing

Digital pigment printing (DPD technology)

  • Direct printing on flexible materials
  • Resolution: 300 dpi - 1080 dpi 
  • All formats available due to high-frequency welding technology
  • Print format: seamless print motif width up to 500 cm 
Digital UV printing

Digital UV printing (DUVD technology)

  • Direct printing on rigid and flexible materials
  • Resolution: up to 1.200 dpi
  • Material strength: up to 9.5 cm
  • Print format: up to 350 cm print width
Digital transfer printing

Digital transfer printing (DTD technology)

  • Mirror image print on transfer paper
  • Followed by transfer to textiles
  • Resolution: up to 1.440 dpi
  • For images rich in details
  • Highest brilliance and contour sharpness
  • Print format: up to 250 cm print width