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Cuboid Q-Frame®

The ingenious Q-Frame® system in 3D.

  • Aluminium frame system with high-quality, lightweight components
  • Aluminium frame depth: 50 mm
  • Each side can be exchanged and designed separately


Always sophisticated, always representative, and as surprisingly striking as you choose: the 3D Display Cuboid Q-Frame® unites the advantages of the Q-Frame® system with 3D benefits. Your advertising prints can easily be exchanged and are presented with an elegant air of understatement that leaves all the spotlight for your message. For all of them, in fact, for the 3D Display Cuboid Q-Frame® offers multiple sides for individual, customised prints.


Dazzle your audience with unexpected presentations.

Build a wall of cubes. Or a labyrinth of cuboids. Let your audience explore all sides of your advertising. Just play around a bit and you’ll notice that there are gazillions of ways to use 3D Displays for your advertising. Enjoy!



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