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Light Box Q-Frame® LED

Q-Frame® light box LED let your message shine

  • Backlit wall-mounted frame
  • Solid, durable aluminium profile frame
  • Frame depth 120 mm
  • LED lighting up to 22.000 hours


Light Box Q-Frame® LED put your message in the limelight. The top-quality Sachsen Fahnen prints, combined with an understated frame and back lighting, make for an impressively brilliant, brightly beautiful presentation of your images. 


A beacon for your advertisingThe backlit aluminium frame adds surprising depth and intensity to your print. The beautiful effect – almost like a work of art – will increase your audience’s attention and open their hearts and minds for your message. 

Let us combine great design, superb print quality, brilliancy and the perfect choice of fabric to create veritable masterworks for your advertising, brand presentation or decoration. Perfect for exhibitions and trade shows, in lobbies, offices, and at the POS.