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Pop Up Magnet

Pop Up Magnet displays: go big with your message

  • Pop Up display with curved front
  • Frame with magnetic stripes
  • Easy setup thanks to folding grille system


Go big and go bold! Pop Up Magnet presents your advertising message in large format. The bold, curved shape makes the Pop Up Magnet display ideally suited for dynamic presentations at exhibitions, trade fairs, and points of sale.


Add some magnetism to your advertising

Magnetic stripes hold the individual print panels securely in place. Just attach each panel and you’re set!

The strikingly large and elegant will wield its magnetic attraction on your audience, creating an impressive environment and lasting brand experiences.

Pop Up Magnet

W x H x D in cm

Ad space
W x H in cm

Pop Up Magnet 4x3

310 x 223 x 80

403 x 223

Pop Up Magnet 5x3

370 x 223 x 100

470 x 223