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Tube Display

Cost-effective, practical and super-fast set up.

  • quick assembly and disassembly through simple plug-in system
  • Advertising surface can be printed on one or both sides
  • 2 ways of use: as a cover or a banner


Tube Display - the mobile advertising display

Tube Display can be fitted with a cover or a banner. Both print parts can be very simply assembled by slipping on or clamping on the frame.


Made to custom order, printed on one or two sides and clearly focused on the core of your message.  Can be used with additional mounting even outdoors.  Always focused on your advertising objective with easily replaceable prints.

Tube Display 76 cm width 92 cm width


76 x 228 cm

76 x 296 cm 92 x 228 cm

92 x 296 cm

Ground fitting

80 x 25 cm

80 x 25 cm 96 x 25 cm

96 x 25 cm

Print (W x H)




Banner made of Multisol D 62 x 207 cm 62 x 274 cm 77 x 207 cm 77 x 224 cm
Banner made of Vinyl Opaque (double-sided print) 62 x 208 cm 62 x 275 cm 77 x 208 cm 77 x 275 cm
Cover made of Multisol D (double-sided print) 79 x 226 cm 79 x 294 cm 94 x 226 cm 94 x 294 cm
Banner Cut all around, each corner with one eyelet
Cover Upper and side edges lined and sewn together, bottom edge seamed, open