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Great combinations for successful exhibitions

With Sachsen Fahnen’s wide variety of exhibition equipment and top-quality prints, you can be sure to find the best combination for your purposes – be it an exhibition booth, a temporary and reusable sales promotion setup, or a branded environment for events. Thanks to the modular nature of our equipment, you can start small and expand at will. And since the prints can be exchanged at any point, you can use the equipment again and again, for message after message.

  • The Sachsen Fahnen advantage:
    Years of experience with all kinds of presentations, a variety of materials, and superior printing processes for top-quality execution
  • Your benefit:
    Elegant, high-quality exhibition equipment that represents the value of your brand or organisation. Branded experiences that leave lasting impressions on your audience.


Use our examples of exhibition equipment sets to get inspired and spark your imagination. Use our experience and expert advice to help you find the customised solution that’s perfect for you.

Präsentationsstand, Größe ca. 12 m²

Example for exhibition stand,
size ca. 12 m²


  1. Display stand with outline
  2. Cube seats
  3. Table Cover 
  4. Brochure stand 300.001
  5. Roll Up Basic, size 200 cm
  6. 3D Display, prism

Promotionstand, Größe ca. 12 m²

Example for exhibition stand,
size ca. 12 m²


  1. 3D Display, cuboid
  2. Table Cover
  3. Promotional parasol
  4. Pop Up Klett
  5. Roll Up Select, size 80 cm with outline

Example for exhibition stand,
size ca. 12 m²


  1. Bowflag® Basic, drop
  2. Easy dipslay
  3. Promotion Counter Klett
  4. X-Display T
  5. Display Wall Basic
  6. Brochure stand 100.001
  7. Info Board A3

Messestand, Größe ca. 20 m²

Example for exhibition stand,
size ca. 20 m²


  1. Barrier system 
  2. Bowflag® Basic, flying shape
  3. Roll Up Select, size 80 cm
  4. Bowflag® T
  5. Hardcase-Trolley
  6. Pop Up Magnet
  7. Brochure Stand 200.001
  8. Pop Out
  9. Flagpole Economy

Example for exhibition stand,
size ca. 40 m²


  1. Snap frame sidewalk
  2. Indoor banner
  3. Triple Display
  4. Cylinder Economy
  5. Display wall Q-Frame®
  6. Table display
  7. Promotion Counter Magnet
  8. Brochure stand 100.002
  9. Display Wall Q-Frame®
  10. T-Pole® 200