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Promotional Backpack

Advertising on the go!

  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Unlimited mobility


With promotional backpacks your message can go practically anywhere! This backpack is the perfect solution for exhibitions, concerts or sporting events. We guarantee that while wearing the promotional backpack you will stand out in the crowd, while presenting your message in a creative, fun way.


Promotional Backpack.

One backpack.Three variations. Unlimited advertising possibilities.

  • Backpack Bowflag®: Eye catching shapes
  • Backpack Walking Flag: Unique and innovative design
  • Backpack Display: Impressive size
Promotional Backpack Ad space
W x H in cm
Double-sided finish

Bowflag® drop shape

45 x 105


Bowflag® concave bottom edge

50 x 130


Walking Flag

47 x 71
47 x 91



55 x 125