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T-Pole® 100

T-Pole® 100: mobile flagpole with banner arm

  • 4-part telescopic pole, height adjustable in 4 levels
  • Max. height approx. 5.40 m
  • A wide range of bases available


Get some attention with triple flags

Use your T-Pole® 100 to display several different flags that convey your message in different ways. Or tell a story in three parts. 

T-Pole® 100 is easy to set up, travel lightly, and displays your message in all directions.


T-Pole® 100 is ideally suited for indoor and short-term outdoor use with high impact.

Banner arm


Recommended bases


maximum wind force 4
(max. 28 km/h)
  • Water fillable base
  • Tube base
  • Tube base Economy
  • Crossbar base incl. weight
  • Base plate 55x55 cm
  • Ground sleeve