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T-Pole® 200

Mobile flag advertising at new heights: T-Pole® 200

The mobile flagpole T-Pole® 200 with rotating banner arm is available as two- or three-part model. Its height can be freely adjusted and guarantees visibility for your message, even in crowded surroundings.


T-Pole® 200 is versatile:

  • Adjust the height of your T-Pole® 200 to meet your needs
  • Available as two- or three-part model, with banner arm, with the ground fitting of your choice


T-Pole® 200 is the great flagpole for indoor use 

Ideally suited for indoor use, T-Pole® 200 also stands firm during short-term outdoor activities. Attractive, elegant and safe, T-Pole® 200 lets your ad flag fly beautifully wherever you want.



Recommended bases

2.20 - 6.00 m

maximum wind force

4 (max. 28 km/h)

  • Tube base
  • Tube base Economy
  • Crossbar base ø 110 cm/3,3 kg
  • Base plate 55x55 cm
  • Water-filling base
  • Ground sleeve