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non-hoistable banner arm

Visibility meets economy: flagpoles with non-hoistable banner arm

Flagpoles with non-hoistable banner arm turn your flag the right way, making sure it always flies to its best advantage. Even when there’s no wind, your message will be noticed.

  • Tested quality made in Germany
  • Maintenance free
  • Statically tested for wind forces of up to 9 Beaufort (ca. 88 km/h)


Budget-friendly, visible impact: flagpoles with non-hoistable banner arm from Sachsen Fahnen.


Height above ground


Basic Extend

5 – 10 m

  • Maximum value for money
  • Rotating flagpole top
  • Cylindrical flagpole tube: without groove, non-tilting
  • One- or two-part flagpole tube available