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Banners: a stretch for your message.

Banners are widely visible and easy to install. One of the most flexible outdoor (and indoor) advertising media, they are universally liked by all kind of audiences and suitable for any occasion.

Not a stretch: we finish your banner according to your specifications.

Size, material, one-sided or two-sided, with or without eyelets? The choice is yours. We customise your stretch banners to fit your requirements and application.

Searching for the ultimate budget-friendly stretch banner solution?

Look no further! Our material Non Woven Polyester is the perfect stretch banner for short-term outdoor and indoor use. We deliver your Non Woven Polyester banner with your print on reels, in the size you choose. All you need to do is cut off the required length. Non Woven Polyester banners can easily be fixed to walls, fences, across streets, etc. – with a nail gun, hammer and nails, thumb tacks, adhesive tape, or glue. There’s no easier way to get your message across.

  • Off the reel and on the wall (or fence, or across the streets, or anywhere else) – just use nails, glue, a stapler or nail gun.
  • Off-the-reel barricade: use Indekor to fence off streets, VIP areas, etc.