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Barrier Signage

Everyday advertising made easy!

  • Flexible system made of barrier fences
  • Various ground fittings are available
  • Singe- or double-sided advertisements options


Barrier signage is a creative solution for portable outdoor advertising. Use them as A-Frame or single display.


Barrier Fences + Advertising =

A great advertising opportunity!

Often times, barrier fences are used for safety reasons, why not take advantage of that great space? When combined with creative PVC banners, former inconspicuous barriers turn into fascinating and stunning advertising space.

Barrier Fences  

W x H in cm

Ad space
W x H in cm

Ground fittings


200 x 335

174 x 338

Concrete base
Ground spike

Single display

350 x 200

338 x 174

Anchor post
Concrete base
Ground sleeve