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Fence Scrims / Barrier Jackets

Event branding and sales promotion on barriers.

  • Lightweight and sturdy banners
  • Textile jackets allow for double-sided advertisement
  • Simple fixation to barriers, fences and hoardings

Crowd control barriers are used at many public events to guide visitors and to control large gatherings. Barrier Covers, Barrier Jackets and Fence Scrims turn the barriers into real eye-catchers. Customised with logos, messages or graphics, they offer efficient advertising space for companies, event organisers or sponsors. The graphics get printed on sturdy, durable materials. Barrier Jackets and Fence Scrims can be quickly fixed to fences, barriers and hoardings using cable ties, bungee ties, cords or Velcro fastening.

Why build barricades to advertise?
Large ad space - flexible use - attention guaranteed


Print size (per fence) W x H

Size for crowd control barriers W x H

Fence Scrim

183 x 75 cm200 x 110 cm
213 x 75 cm230 x 110 cm
233 x 75 cm250 x 110 cm
Barrier Jacket

200 x 82 cm200 x 110 cm
230 x 82 cm230 x 110 cm
250 x 82 cm250 x 110 cm