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Grip Clips

Simple, versatile, reusable.

Banners or posters made of fabric, paper, display film or PVC are often used to spread a message. Grip Clips made of glass-fibre reinforced Nylon offer new, unexpected possibilities to fix them.

  • Two different models available: Mini and Midi
  • Choose between up to 7 stock colours
  • Flexible in use, can be removed without residues

Grip Clips – geniuses of fixation

There are many ways to place banners with an advertising print. Make sure to get your message fixed properly. Grip Clips are unbeatable in doing this job for you.
They are small, colourful, extremely durable and removable without residues at any time. Place them exactly where you want to get the tension or fixation you require. The banner does not even need to be hemmed. All sides cut – that’s enough! Attach them on-site and use bungee ties or cords to secure the banner – that’s it! The heavier the load, the tighter they grip!


  • Grip Clips