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Large-format Banners

Large-format banners: advertise with long-distance impact

Our large-format banners make your message widely visible – even over long distances. Mounted on buildings, walls, or our specially designed banner frames, your messages will grab the audience’s attention due to their sheer size. Viewers will be exposed to your image from a multitude of angles and for a prolonged time.

We offer a choice of materials to suit your purpose and mode of application.


Vinyl banners: unlimited possibilities

Several printed lengths of vinyl banner can be bonded seamlessly to create almost any format you desire.

Choose the best banner material for your needs:


PVC banner

  • Extremely durable and tear-proof
  • Fascinating and lasting colour brilliance – ideal for long-term applications
  • Highly suitable for side fences (e.g. in sports arenas) and as facade cover/decoration


PVC mesh banner

  • Elastic and flexible
  • Perforated and therefore wind-permeable
  • Highly suited for construction scaffolding and facades