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Textile Posters

Textile posters: like true originals

  • For individual motifs, images, drawings, paintings
  • Art reproductions that come close to the original
  • As decoration for exhibitions, lobbies, stage sets, offices, or at home


Textile posters, printed on canvas or other textile materials, create a unique atmosphere. Whether the reproduction of an old master or a child’s drawing: printed on canvas, every image turns into the work of art it truly is.

Use textile posters to present your favourite masterpiece, beautifully executed product shots, or the artwork of your nearest and dearest.


Posters make great gifts

Regale your business partners, friends, or family with one of our high-quality poster prints – a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression.


Brochures (for reseller)



Basis Weight

Canvas 300

  • blended fabric made of PES and cotton with surface coating

300 g/m²

Canvas 360

  • fabric made of 100 % cotton with surface coating
  • images like true originals

360 g/m²


  • fabric made of 100% polyester
  • PVC surface coating
  • flame retardant model according to German fire class B1/DIN 4102
  • high degree of whiteness for clear, fresh colours and great black-and-white contrasts

260 g/m²