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Large-Scale Parasols

Large-scale parasols: the sky is the limit

  • Large-scale prints for widely visible and even detail-rich images
  • Any kind of image and all colours
  • Great print-through


Large-scale parasols are like a light, beautiful ceiling. They shelter your guests and customers from sun and rain, creating a unique space underneath.

Solidly built and maintenance-free, our large-scale parasols will last many, many seasons. And the high-quality prints are not only widely visible, but also shine through so that those beneath will be exposed to your message for the duration of their stay.


Realised with your choice of message, the large-scale parasol functions as a beacon of advertising, as a welcome shelter and as a widely visible sign of your presence.

Brochures (for reseller)

8-part cover
sizes in cm

8-part cover
sizes in cm

ø 300 
ø 350
ø 400
300 x 300
350 x 350