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Is there a minimum order quantity?

We want to offer our customers maximum flexibility. That’s why there are no minimum order quantities for the majority of our products. We produce single copies or small batches with digital chemical printing. Larger orders or certain designs of flags, banners, Bowflags®, and other textile advertising media will be produced with CSD (chemical screen dye) printing. Only large-format umbrellas, bannerettes, pennants and other tabletop advertising media require minimum quantities.

Do I need to wash my Sachsen Fahnen flag, textile banner, etc. before use?

No. All our products are fully finished and prepared, so that you can use your flags, textile banners, and all other textile advertising media right away. No washing and drying required. Just unpack and enjoy!

What’s the life expectancy of flags?

There is no generally applicable rule for the life expectancy of flags. Flags in outdoor use are exposed to environmental influences: rain, wind, sun, etc. This naturally leads to some wear and tear. The following tips help lengthen your flags’ life:

  • Let your flags fly freely without obstructions. The flag should not touch trees, poles, wires, or buildings. Take down the flag at night or during storms.
  • Please do also follow the care instructions included in your delivery.


Your flags should fly proudly and dignified for a very long time. Please make sure you replace your flags regularly before the overall impression becomes compromised.

Can I send in my flags to Sachsen Fahnen for cleaning?

Yes. You can send in your flag for a regenerative cleaning. This special cleaning process revives the colours and your flag’s original brilliance, provided that:

  • the article hasn’t been treated with other detergents or cleaning agents
  • the discoloration or staining was caused by air contamination.

Which material is best suited for outdoor use?

Sachsen Fahnen offers highly durable materials specially developed for outdoor use:


Our high-quality fabric Multiflag® is highly tear resistant and weatherproof. It’s glossy surface is the perfect stage for your advertising message.


Our special fabric Supraflag® is extremely tear resistant and therefore supremely well suited for regions with very rough weather conditions and strong winds.


Our exclusive Sachsen Fahnen fabric Varioflag® A SE has a unique perforated structure and can be used unseamed. This extends the flag’s lifespan.

What is the right proportion of flag to pole?

Rule of thumb: The higher up on the pole your flag or banner flies, the more elegant its appearance.


Landscape style flags
Flying length is about a third of the pole height.


Portrait style flags
Flag height is about half of the pole height.


For banners we recommend that the lower edge of the banner be at least 3.0 m up from ground level; for street banners 2.5 m suffice.

Can I buy a Mercedes fan flag at Sachsen Fahnen?

The Mercedes fan flag is an advertising article that is exclusively ordered by and sold to the customer. While we print and produce these flags for Mercedes-Benz, we do not sell them to third parties.

Which quality standards does Sachsen Fahnen apply?

We care for quality, reliability and authenticity. That’s why our entire production process follows strict quality and environmental standards. These are: