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Step 1: Specifications

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Finish *


  • Multisol® L, 100% knitted polyester
  • excellent air-permeability, fast-drying
  • straight valance


  • pole made of steel with white epoxy powder coating
  • massive ribs made of hardened spring steel
  • 2-part pole
  • proven open/close slide mechanism
  • parasol tiltable
  • paragon frames are used for parasols with a diameter of 300 cm

Size in cm *

8-part cover

Ø 180 cm
Ø 200 cm
Ø 250 cm
Ø 300 cm

4-part cover (across multiple segments)

Ø 200 cm

2-part cover (across multiple segments)

Ø 180 cm
Ø 200 cm

Quantity *

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