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Custom clocks

The time is ripe – use customised clocks to promote your business

    • Brilliant graphics printed on foam board or acrylic glass
    • Accurate quartz movement with metal hands
    • Available in various sizes and shapes


    Time is running – your message is working.

    Customised clocks will keep your company’s name and logo in front of your customer for a very long time. They can be used as promotional gift, as decoration for offices and waiting rooms, or even in your living room. Personalised graphics printed on the clock face turn any clock into a one-of-a-kind treasure. By choosing a wall clock, many possibilities are open to you: create traditional round clocks, square clocks, heart clocks for lovers or rectangular clocks with a lot of space for your message. Desk clocks impress with subtle elegance: small chrome-coloured legs guarantee for a safe stand  on your clients’ desk.

    Shape Size (W x H)
    Wall clock, round ø 25 cm ø 30 cm ø 35 cm ø 60 cm
    Wall clock, rectangular 25 x 37 cm 37 x 25 cm
    Wall clock, square 25 x 25 cm 30 x 30 cm 35 x 35 cm 60 x 60 cm
    Wall clock, heart 28 x 25 cm 33 x 30 cm 39 x 35 cm 67 x 60 cm
    Desk clock, rectangular 25 x 13 cm