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Cylinder Seats

Round off your advertising with cylinder seats

  • Durable, washable seat cover
  • High-quality, firm foam core
  • Sizes: ø 40 cm/height 40 cm,
    ø 45 cm/height 45 cm, ø 50 cm/height 50 cm

Cylinder seats offer virtually unlimited options for unusual, unexpected advertising ideas. Attractive advertising media and comfortable seats in one, cylinder seats are sure to win your audience’s hearts.

Use your cylinder seat with customised, high-quality print as ... 

  • … seating for your exhibition booth
  • … eye-catcher for your next sales promotion
  • … building blocks to create columns, forests, or towers for your next festive event


Seat, advertising medium, interior design feature – cylinder seats are whatever you want them to be, and more.


Our high-resolution prints on the sturdy knitted polyester covers turns the seats into tree trunks, aquariums, sweets, elephant feet, antique building elements, rocks, or whatever you want. Let your imagination run wild!