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Gate Cover

Gate covers: attention guaranteed!

Advertising on gate covers is nearly impossible to miss. Any customer who approaches, enters or leaves your store will pass through the security gates. And will perceive the high-quality print that turns your security system into an advertising medium.

  • Gate covers are robust: they resist wear and tear
  • Gate covers are unique: since security systems differ in shape and size, we custom-fit your gate cover to match
  • Gate covers are convenient: just pull the tailor-made covers over your security gates and you’re set
  • Gate covers are secure: they won’t interfere with the functionality of your security system


Secure advertising

Your security system makes sure that your merchandise is safe. 

Your gate cover makes sure that your message gets across.

With gate covers, you turn a grim-seeming security system into a colourful, friendly message of welcome and farewell.



Brochures (for reseller)