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Bring your walls to life

  • For wall graphics up to a size of 5 x 10 m
  • Non-woven wallpapers with different surface textures (plain, embossed cork, embossed leather, embossed lines)
  • Just as easy and quick as your ordinary wallpapering


Do you need something special? The custom printed wallpapers offer you a great flexibility and that personal touch to design anew walls in offices, shops, lobbies or even at home. Opt for personalization and enjoy the unique look of appealing and made-to-order wallpapers.

Print your visions on wallpapers - create designs tailored to any rooms. The size will be trimmed to fit your walls’ exact dimensions. Choose a graphic design that suits best your premises.


Custom wallpapers – forget about boring walls!


Brochures (for reseller)

Installation Guide Wallpapers