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Stickers & films - flexible advertising and decoration

Stickers and films make advertising information mobile and flexible. Different materials with different properties and effects offer a lot of creative freedom in small and large format.


Stickers & films can be ordered in different standard shapes or with custom contours.

Customer oriented and eye-catching advertisement.

A large range of services of excellent printing for your stickers and films:

  • highly professional and best print quality
  • always masterful with different material and desired appearance 


Choose between the following versions:



Optionally selectable: 

Back-glass bonding

ReusableNon adhesive
Window filmxxx 
Deco glass filmx   
Floor filmx   
Cling filmxxx 
Textile adhesive filmx   
Display film  xx
Backlit film  xx


Stickers & films in large variety of shapes:


 Portrait and landscapeSquare

Arrow form

Circular shape (round & oval)Free form
Window filmxxxxx
Deco glass filmxxxxx
Floor filmxxxxx
Cling filmxxxxx
Textile adhesive filmxxxxx
Display filmxx  x
Backlit filmxx  x