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Bannerettes add some festivity to your event

Bannerettes and pennants heighten the festive atmosphere of events, add a touch of class to your exhibition booth and function as branding elements during conferences. 


Show your colours with bannerettes
At festive dinners, in VIP areas at sports or cultural events, in your exhibition booth: bannerettes represent your organisation with style.


An emblem of your identity 
Club emblems, company logos, family crests – pennants display your identity and create a sense of community.



Straight bottom edge

Shape 1

Shape 2

Shape 3

Customised outline


Size (W x H) in cm10 x 1410 x 1419 x 3316 x 36.523 x 33individual x 3314 x 21
15 x 2515 x 25    17 x 25
20 x 3020 x 30    20 x 27
      25 x 35
      30 x 40