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Stay one step ahead with Sachsen Fahnen

Sachsen Fahnen, established 1990, is a leading European provider of innovative system solutions for large-scale media communications and sales promotion. Our plant with 30.000 square metres of production space is among the largest and cutting-edge printing plants for textile and other substrates. 

We provide customised solutions for:

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Point of Sale
  • Events
  • Exhibitions and store interiors
  • Architecture

Flags, banners, pennants and more with the Sachsen Fahnen advantage.

Benefit from our amazing product and production quality, uniquely high level of vertical integration and immense output. With 6.000 square metres of floor space, our logistics centre has ample room for pallet storage. This means extremely short turnaround times and fast, secure dispatch of your delivery.

Research and production? Inhouse.

Our plant in Kamenz near Dresden, Germany, has always been the hub of our business. That’s one reason for our authenticity and reliability. Numerous research projects at universities and other institutions prove our excellent performance and great creativity. The best proof, however, are our top-notch results. Plus, we’re proud of being certified according to the most discerning quality and environmental standards.

Global initiatives

Sachsen Fahnen is part of the worldwide network Flag Alliance® and leverages global synergies to your advantage.

Our customers can be sure that Sachsen Fahnen never stops moving. We never stop researching and keep pushing the boundaries of textile printing, outdoor advertising, and communications. Our inspiration: new ideas and satisfied customers.

Let us wield our innovative power for your business! Keep a step ahead with Sachsen Fahnen.